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    Guys please remember these are legal documents. Please take them seriously. Do not discuss or transfer gameplay footage via any method.
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    *New Competitor*

    ______ saw the success that the world's original major level PMC's enjoyed and refused to be left out. He was a billionaire with money to burn and he enjoyed vast amounts of power, but he wanted what all men with power want. MORE POWER. He reach out to his contacts in the _____ and ____ military...
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    This is the official resource for all information in the MAG-verse. Its a database for notable players, events, organizations and tidbits of MAG culture: The Arena - The most popular form of entertainment in the MAG-verse. A combat sport where soldiers hunt each other in a 1-on-1 setting...
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    The MAG Timeline

    1. Beta - Players got their first taste of actual MAG gameplay via beta keys from Gamestop. 2. IGN Tournament - The first major event where masses of players were able to play for prizes. Players like Disgarded Joker and El Capitrucho make their first marks on the community. 3. 4. Launch - 5. 6...
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    Raven is one of the playable factions in MAG. Raven Industries is a "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung", or "Company with limited liability", based out of Vienna, Austria and functions as a PMC. Raven's tactics, gear, and command structure are all likely derived from that of Austria and...
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    Valor Company, Inc. is one of the PMCs in MAG. The corporation is based out of Alaska in the United States. Much of their equipment appears American in origin, such as the Marine LAV, M4 Carbine, and the like. Valor's soldiers are known for their ability to adapt to almost any situation...
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    The Seryi Volk Executive Response, commonly abbreviated as S.V.E.R., is one of the three factions in MAG. The corporation is based out of Grozny, the capital city in the Chechen Republic, in Russia. Its members appear to be private citizens from war-torn countries and mercenaries. Much of the...
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    MAG's Notable Units

    MAG PMC's have individual Units (commonly known as clans) within them. Many of these units distinguished themselves in the original game. We've decided to give these veteran groups static areas inside their respective PMC Barracks as a reward. Here are a few of the Notable Units: 3C The Dark...
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    Game Rewards

    List of Game Rewards (credits, consumable/infinite gear) given pre-release. 1. 500 Standard Credits: Archangelkatano
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    Which PMC has your support?

    SVER, Raven or Valor?
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    Concept Art

    Valor Troop Carrier
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    The Shadow War continues........

    The year is 2030 and the PMCs SVER, Raven and Valor have a larger worldwide footprint than ever...and a new competitor. The Shadow War continues.