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Jun 30, 2020

This is the official resource for all information in the MAG-verse. Its a database for notable players, events, organizations and tidbits of MAG culture:
The Arena - The most popular form of entertainment in the MAG-verse. A combat sport where soldiers hunt each other in a 1-on-1 setting.
Absheron Refinery - SVER Domination location
Aleyska Terminus - Valor Domination location
Aralkum Mechanical - SVER Acquisition location

_________ - The world's 4th major PMC. Located in ___________.
3C vs The Dark Flock - Widely regarded as MAG's biggest event which 3C won. It was later revealed that 3C was littered with ringers. It began a period where clan matches and ringers dominated the game.
CNI - (Command Network Interface) Gives an overview of the battlefield and allows officers to use command assets during matches.
Copper Hills Relay - VALOR Sabotage location
Corvus Research - Raven Acquisition location
Darien Network - Raven Sabotage location
Elk Bay Logistics - VALOR Acquisition location
Flores Basin Transfer - RAVEN Domination location
Iron Creek Quarry - VALOR Interdiction location
Lake Bayano Spur - RAVEN Interdiction location
PDiggy22 - Considered by many to be the premier wetwork operative in the MAG-verse. SVER's top solo operative.
Priya Khan - SVER CEO Priya Khan, a former member of the Indian Special Forces, retired with honors after eight years of active duty service. Khan founded SVER from a small consulting group that provided regional governments and corporations with security and logistical advice.
Sovot Motorway - SVER Interdiction location
Surrender at Darien - AIR vs PRO clan battle where PRO's leader (ContraBanJoe) was killed while attempting to surrender.
Syr Darya Uplink - SVER Sabotage location
TTT - Valor sneak attack that allowed them to dominate the Acquisition game mode (where they were historically last) for an entire weekend.
United Nations Facilities - These are the only true neutral grounds in the MAG-verse. The central facility is in Geneva, Switzerland. There are other facilities scattered throughout the world map.
Unit Wallet - Located in user-owned bases. This is where all of the Unit credits are kept.
Unit Warchest - Located in user-owned bases. This is where all excess loot is stored.

Znignflo72 - Believed to be Valor's top wetwork specialist. No Unit affiliation.
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