*New Competitor*

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Jun 30, 2020
______ saw the success that the world's original major level PMC's enjoyed and refused to be left out. He was a billionaire with money to burn and he enjoyed vast amounts of power, but he wanted what all men with power want. MORE POWER. He reach out to his contacts in the _____ and ____ military and began the process of putting together the largest, most well-funded and equipped PMC in all of ______.

_____ was born 10 years after the Shadow War began but they are intent on making up for lost time with vigilance, aggression and preparedness. Many of the world's largest corporations now use one of the four major PMCs in some capacity to protect their assets, provide security, conduct black off-the-book operations, corporate espionage and executive/head-of-state level assassinations. ________ has already secured a number of contracts but like their founder they will never be satisfied until they are the #1 PMC in the world.
Not open for further replies.