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1. Experience tactical combat and strategic teamwork in intense Missions.

2. Engage in the highest level of politics, social engineering, and betrayal ever seen in an online FPS.

3. Use your covert operators to spy, sabotage, and steal from rival PMCs.

4. Join forces with elite squads and progress within your PMC.

5. Engage in offensive/defensive maneuvers and devise winning strategies on the battlefield.

6. Rally with your PMC to gain Renown & Skill in epic battles.

News, Promotions & Updates

Developer Update: Missions Game Mode

It time for us to reveal the highly anticipated "Missions" game mode, offering thrilling challenges and rewards. Players can engage in cooperative battles against other players and AI-controlled enemies, pushing their tactical skills to the limit in a unique winner-take-all setting.

$5,000 Donation Milestone Achieved!

Thanks to player support, a significant donation milestone is reached for our development. We cant thank the MAG 2 Community enough for supporting our project.

This Month in MAG: Updates Galore!

The alpha version receives major updates, improving gameplay mechanics, balancing classes, and optimizing performance. Players experience the full potential of MAG 2's open world, offering unparalleled freedom and diverse gaming experiences.

Alpha Version Launched!

MAG 2's alpha version is live! Players can now experience the game's core features and help shape its future. You have our sincere express gratitude for players' participation in refining the game.

Welcome to the MAGVerse!

Introducing MAG 2: Shadow War, the follow-up to 2010's revolutionary MAG. This new MMOFPS continues the story into 2035 where now four private military companies compete for corporate contracts. Players enter a world of fierce competition, protecting assets, sabotaging rivals, and uncovering corporate secrets.

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