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Are you or your clan veterans from the original MAG? Message us to be added to this list.


Alyoyo - High level assault player and prominent member of OSG before joining The Dark Flock.
ASmoothKillminal -
Bassmeant -
Battlecry1781 - Member of Valor Elite.
Big_Bishop - Member of Valor Coalition.
BigBoss -
Billski -
BloodyKing - Dark Flock member who participated in the 3C vs TDF clan match.
Bologna Skaterz -
BuckyChiTown - Member of The Dark Flock.
Cotten Balls - Raven Loyalist. Member of STD.
Danceonurhead -
Danm_Shorty -
Darkjudg3s -
DeathByChair -
DocEroc -
dotsilver - Member of The Dark Flock.
Dr. Spankit - Leader of TBA. Known for his comedy and knifing skills.
Ecky18 -
EnglishSnake -
Geirbiscohn - Youtuber well-known for his MAG reviews and breakdowns.
GGamdori - Youtuber recognized for his MAG videos.
Hy_Rolr -
Infenyte -
iTsCaRNaGe -
JamesR5955 - High level assault player and charter member of Valor Elite.
JLongshot - Widely regarded as one of the better leaders in MAG. Top officer of BHZ.
JonnyAugust -
KageHoshi - Player known for his suggestions and game improvements.
Mudmaster -
MizzSmartyPants - Developer turned player famous from the original MAG.
NewNumb3rz -
Nitroz -
Nightshade83 - Member of The Dark Flock.
Quickgloves - Leader of the the SVER True Bloods.
Raptor2525 - Member of The Dark Flock.
Rush - Leader of DCM.
Servo Skull -
Sithis - Leader of what many consider to be the original MAG's best clan. 3C. The Closed Casket Crew.
Thagmor -
That_ID -
Warhawk -
Warylik - Member of The Dark Flock. Widely considered one of the best snipers in the MAG-verse.
Winscar Shinobi -
Yamotomo - Member of 6D9.
YasuJack -
YDubbs81 - Elite Assault player. Leader of RND.
Zades86 - Considered one of the best head-shot masters in MAG. Leader of 6D9.

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